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http://tomsshoessaleonline11.tumblr.com,As Halloween approaches, many couples look forward to a fun time,ray ban pas cher, and want to celebrate it together with costumes that compliment each other. Matching costumes can make you the hit of the party. Here are 10 killer costume ideas for him and her,longchamp outlet.

1,ray ban pas cher. Hans Solo and Princess Leah: If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you can always dress up as two of the most famous characters from the series: Hans Solo and Princess Leah. Hans Solo can wear his famous vest and Princess Leah can dress in the beautiful long gown from the beginning scenes or if you want to be a little more risque the more scantily clad get-up she was wearing in Jabba the Hut’s lair,toms shoes. Plus,longchamp taschen, the complete collection just came out on Blu-Ray.

2,http://cheaptomsshoes23.tumblr.com. The Zombie Pair: Vampires are out,longchamp outlet, Zombies are in,http://sadfasdgszdg.tumblr.com. So grab some grey face paint,longchamp bags, blacken those eyes,louis vuitton outlet, and add a few fake wounds,ray ban aviator. With some tattered clothing,longchamp outlet, you can be the perfect zombie match,longchamp bags. Just remember to grunt and groan as you search for fresh brains,longchamp for sale.

3,longchamp taschen. Cop and robber: This classic costume is great for couples. One gets to be the police officer in a dark blue uniform with a fake police badge (of course), while the other dresses in black and white stripes like a jail bird,http://www.spritz.it/lvborse.html. Compliment the outfit with a pair of fake handcuffs,longchamp outlet. After the party,longchamp uk, those handcuffs can become a prop in the bedroom.

4,ray ban wayfarer,The Best Halloween Costumes For Couples In 2011. Romeo and Juliet: For the romantics out there, what could be more romantic then dressing up as Romeo and Juliet. You should be familiar with the style of clothing for that particular period,lunette ray ban. Although there’s no definitive outfit for this costume,longchamp outlet, dressing up in clothing from that time period should give it away.

5. Devil and Angel: Here’s your chance to show both your better half and mix it with a little bit of naughty,http://www.spritz.it/BorseAlvieroMartini.html. The guy carry a pitchfork and deck himself out in red,longchamp outlet, while the girl can wear all white,longchamp le pliagehttp://abatterybank59.tumblr.com}. Don’t forget the silver halo and the red horns! Or if the girl is really into it she can be the seductively naughty devil,louis vuitton borse, tempting the man.

6,toms outlet. Bonnie and Clyde: Wouldn’t it be fun to dress up as two of the most famous criminals of all time,alviero martini outlet? Older 1920s or 1930s style garb is appropriate for this costume. Paired with a fake black powder handgun or (even better) a Tommy gun will make you look like you two just got back from robbing the savings and loan! Maybe a pair of money would complete the look.

7. Wonder Woman and Superman: Everyone loves superheros,The Best Halloween Costumes For Couples In 2011? When it comes to comic book icons,longchamp handbags,The Best Halloween Costumes For Couples In 2011, this dynamic duo makes a super combination. It’s always fun to see your wife or girlfriend dressed up in blue tights and red capes isn’t it,ray ban wayfarer? And she’ll probably equally enjoy seeing you.

8. God and Goddess: Come to the party in true Greek fashion with togas for the guys and beautiful flowing white gowns for the ladies,longchamp taschen. Dress it up with a cute gold belt, and the men can carry a dagger or sword. You’ll look smashing and you will be in the favor of the Gods, which guarantees you will have a great time.

9. Fred and Wilma Flintstone: For those who want to relive their childhood consider dressing up as the easily recognizable cartoon couple, Fred and Wilma Flintstone,lunette ray ban. For the guy it’s Fred’s signature orange getup with a blue scarf,longchamp outlet. He should carry a club for that extra look. Plus,toms shoes, Wilma looks beautiful in her white dress,toms outlet, red hair,longchamp bags, and pearls,toms shoes usa.

10,http://www.spritz.it/borse.html. Doctor and Nurse: This is a versatile pair,longchamp borse. Dress up as a doctor and nurse can be cute, sexy, or scary,borse alviero martini. It just depends how you where your costume. Plus,The Best Halloween Costumes For Couples In 2011, this is an affordable costume, considering, you can easily find a used pair of scrubs to wear or borrow someone’s if you know a doctor or nurse. Dress it up with a stethoscope,longchamp le pliage,The Best Halloween Costumes For Couples In 2011, and don your nurse’s hat or doctor’s overcoat with the traditional red medical cross,longchamp taschen online.Related articles:




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