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Whether you are faced with having just found breast lumps, have a genetic predisposition to developing breast cancer by family history or are just turning 40,mbt prezzi, the one thing you aren’t going to want to neglect is getting a mammogram, or getting annual mammograms. However, this is your health and potentially your life we are discussing here,mbt vendita, so it is strongly recommended to find a top rated center for mammograms in Denver to assure that you are receiving the best in current diagnostics technology and care.

What are some of the hallmarks of a top treatment center for breast screening? A top mammogram center will offer:

• Digital Mammography- Clinics and centers offering this technology are at the forefront of top diagnostics and treatment centers. Digital mammograms allow a radiologist initially clearer and sharper images, especially in women whose breasts are generally dense like pre-menopausal or young women,mbt scarpe. Digital technology also allows for immediate picture manipulation. The radiologist can control image quality, enhance contrast to determine subtle differences in breast tissue or employ zoom capabilities for specific location analysis. Douglas Yee, MD,http://mbtvendita.webs.com/, director of the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota stated one big benefit to digital mammography is the easy retrieval of baseline and previous scans for comparison. “That’s hugely important,” he said. “Often the mammographers want to look at something over time.”

• Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI’s) – The MRI offers heightened sensitivity in detecting the most dangerous types of invasive cancer and can find lesions that are too small to be seen in regular mammograms or ultrasounds. This technology is best suited to women who fall into the “high risk” category for reasons including, but not exclusive to: a strong genetic pre-disposition to breast cancer or chest radiation therapy in her health history between the ages of 10 and 30.

• Ultrasound or Sonogram- This is not an outdated technology as it is particularly useful in women who have very dense breast tissue, a personal history of breast cancer, suffer from claustrophobia or are too large to fit comfortably and effectively into an MRI machine.

Treatment centers like Porter Adventist Hospital, a top Denver breast screening and mammogram center will also offer a wide variety of other diagnostic tools such as fine needle aspiration, core needle biopsy, surgical biopsy and sentinel node biopsy which assists in determining whether cancerous cells have spread either to or through the lymphatic system.

If you believe you’re worth the best in hair coloring and makeup products…then believe your health and life deserve the best in top maintenance, diagnostic skills and technologies,http://mbtprezzi.webs.com/. Don’t settle for anything less.

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