http://sadfasdgszdgtumblrcomhttp://abatterybank59tumblrcom 0696,Marketing is key to every business. Faced with the range of marketing materials digital printers offer, it is sometimes hard to choose the ones that will both attract new customers and build your brand image. Digital printers can help you to choose among their wide range to find the printed marketing materials you need,What printing services does your company need .

1) The essential printing services you need

– Business cards are the most important marketing tool you need to print, because it contains all the information needed about your company especially your contact information. Its small format (generally 85×55) allows you to give it to many people during shows or meetings. Digital print companies can print your business cards on demand and offer very cheap prices

– Letterheads and compliments slips are very important as well as they are an entire part of your communication with your customers and prospects. It will allow you a better brand identification by your recipients. Even if letterheads are more often litho printed,What printing services does your company need , digital printer can offer you very good prices to print your letterhead and compliment slips

2) The classical printed marketing materials

– Flyers or leaflets are the most popular printed marketing tools,What printing services does your company need , and are very useful for large promotion during shows for example. They are most effective if you plan a call to action.

– Brochures are an improved version of the printed leaflet because they can contain more information. This is more appropriate for large companies who sell several different products and services. With digital print companies it is now possible to print brochures with variable text and images that can make them more relevant and personalised.

– Posters and other large format printed communication tools are good materials to use out-door or for shows and exhibitions.

4) The original printed marketing materials

– Postcards can also be an innovative marketing material for large and quick communication campaigns, especially for direct mail campaigns. For smaller targeted campaigns digital print companies can provide the best option.

– Stickers are also original tools to deliver a short message to a large group of people and the advantage is that it can be stick on different supports (envelopes, letters…).

– Roller Banners are an improved version of posters and are very useful on the long term. They can be used for in-door advertising occasionally for shows or every day at the reception of your company for example.

The choice between all these marketing tools clearly depends on the image you want to give to your company, and on your budget you want to invest in printing services. But digital print companies now offer very competitive prices for small and large amounts, and provide good advice as well. Don’t miss this opportunity and ask your digital printer to print and mail a postcard or a greeting card to your customers for Christmas.

Your printed materials represent your company for your prospect or customer and are the reflection of your brand image,What printing services does your company need . If the printing quality of your marketing documents is not good,What printing services does your company need , your prospects will consider that your products or services are not good quality as well.Related articles:

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