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WIPO Workshop for Mediators in Intellectual Property Disputes,oakley pas cher

For many companies,ray ban pas cher, intellectual property has become an essential business asset as well as a means of creating value,lunette carrera pas cher. It is being exploited on an increasingly international level in various forms of collaborative arrangements,abercrombie femme, such as licenses, technology transfer agreements and R agreements. As a consequence,carrera pas cher, parties increasingly look for dispute resolution mechanisms that match their business requirements: private procedures which would provide efficient, flexible and less costly means of settling international disputes without disrupting commercial relationships,lunettes carrera moins cher.

Many, although not all,lunette oakley, intellectual property disputes have characteristics that favor the use of mediation. Where such disputes arise in the context of an existing business relationship,lunette carrera, such as that created by a license, franchise, distributorship, research and development contract, manufacturing arrangement,oakley pas cher, publishing or film production contract, mediation offers a non confrontational procedure for dispute resolution, which can be conducive to the maintenance or further development of the business relationship. Realizing that mediation is low-risk and cost-effective, parties are increasingly agreeing to make referral to arbitration or court litigation conditional on having previously attempted to resolve their dispute by means of mediation,abercrombie soldes. In a parallel development, many states require that disputes be submitted to mediation before access to courts is granted.

WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center

The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center offers Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options,lunette carrera, in particular arbitration, mediation and expert determination, for the resolution of international commercial disputes between private parties,oakley. As part of its efforts to promote ADR options, and in order to meet increasing demand for training in those areas, the Center organizes every year,carrera pas cher, inter alia, a WIPO Workshop for Mediators in Intellectual Property Disputes,Ray ban Wayfarer.


The WIPO Workshop for Mediators in Intellectual Property Disputes is an intensive two-day training course in the techniques of mediation, emphasizing effective communication and increased understanding,ray ban moins cher. The Workshop is based on lectures and simulated mediation exercises in the intellectual property field. Participants take active part in the exercises,Abercrombie And Fitch France, which are carried out in small groups.

Participants will be expected to have a basic understanding of intellectual property in general and mediation in particular. In this connection, reading material will be provided to registered participants ahead of the program,lunette carrera pas cher. Proficiency in English is essential for participation,lunettes ray ban.

Who Should Attend,lunette carrera pas cher?

The Workshop is designed for lawyers,carrera lunette, business executives,oakley, patent and trademark attorneys and others wishing to familiarize themselves with the mediation process and to receive training as mediators,ray ban pas cher. It provides an introduction to mediation in the intellectual property area,oakley pas cher, with focus on the appropriate role(s) of both parties and their lawyers in a mediation and on specific mediation techniques.

Certificate of Participation (including for CLE/CPD)

All participants who complete the program will be awarded a certificate of participation,discount ray ban. Those who have applied for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit will receive a special certificate for this purpose.

Professor Mnookin joined the Harvard Law School in 1993 after over twenty years on the Faculties of Stanford Law School and the University of California, Berkeley,lunette oakley cyclisme, Law School,lunettes ray ban, and clerking with Judge Carl McGowan and Justice Harlan,lunette carrera. He teaches and writes in the areas of dispute resolution,lunette oakley. Professor Mnookin has applied his interdisciplinary approach in conflict resolution to a number of commercial disputes,lunette oakley. He served,oakely moins cher, for example, as an arbitrator from 1985 to 1997 in a landmark dispute between IBM and Fujitsu concerning operating systems software,carrera pas cher. He has written numerous articles and books, including Beyond Winning: Negotiating to Create Value in Deals and Disputes and Barriers to Conflict Resolution, which won the Book Prize from the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution,lunettes de soleil carrera pas cher, and most recently Bargaining with the Devil: When to Negotiate, When to Fight (Simon Schuster, 2010).

Professor Friedman is also co-founder and board member of the Center for Law and Human Values in New York City,ray ban pas cher. He has practiced law since 1970,oakley 2013, serving,oakley, since 1976,ray ban, primarily as a mediator of commercial and family disputes with Mediation Law Offices in Mill Valley,soldes ray ban. He has conducted introductory, intermediate and advanced training programs in mediation and mediative approaches to the practice of law throughout the United States since 1979,Abercrombie & Fitch, and in Europe since 1989.

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