Remedies For Cold Sores

There are a variety of cold sore home remedies you can try if you suffer from HSV-1 or herpes outbreaks. These remedies include ice, tea bags, aloe, tea tree oil, lemon balm and witch hazel to name just a few. Boosting your immune system can also be beneficial since cold sores tend to break out when you immune system is weakened or when your body is under a great deal of stress. Let’s take a closer look at some cold sore home remedies that may work for you.

So, make sure you use tea bags if you don’t want to have a breakout.only way to get rid of How to Get Rid of Cold Sores fast is to get your doctor prescribe you those expensive medicines or creams that would cost a large amount of money out of your wallet? You can actually defeat cold sores from the comfort of your home. Let’s just call them ‘Cold Sore Home Remedies’.Cold sore home remedies are possibly the most appropriate course of actions against the excruciatingly painful and disgusting looking herpes sore.

Usually virus enters our body and goes into the latency period. It remains present in the cell but not in active form. But due to some factors the virus reactivates and then symptoms of infection reappears. These factors may be emotional or physical shock.

What I found with the Zilactin – L Cold Sore Relief was how well it worked in keeping a potential cold sore from breaking out. I applied it when I first noticed that feeling you get right before it happens. I put the liquid on and it dried pretty quick. It didn’t show up either, which was important to me. Overall, I was happy with the results.

Ice works to raise the temperature of the sore and in turn suppresses development. Tea contains tannic which has antiviral properties that also work to inhibit growth of the sore. Aloe penetrates the sore and works to cease its growth. Aloe can also be used to help to numb the infected area. After the initial tingling stage there are several other homeopathic remedies you can try which are known shorten the duration of your outbreak.

Some people experience what they call a prodrome – symptoms before the actual manifestation of the sores. Prodrome includes tingling/stinging sensation along with the burning feeling on the area where the sores will appear after a few hours or may be a day or two. These symptoms typically last for a few days, and the sores completely heal within two to seven weeks. And it’s a good thing that these sores are healed leaving no scars behind.

When it comes to how to stop cold sores, one of the best things that you can o for your cold sore is to make sure that it is kept very clean. You don’t want germs to get in the sore and infect it, which will make it even worse. Cleanse it carefully with some soap and warm water, but don’t scrub away at it or you will make it a lot worse. After you clean it, you may want to press an ice cube to the area as well to help stop the inflammation and numb it a bit so it doesn’t hurt as bad.

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