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Sir David, a former Ofsted chief inspector, says the university needs to make plans to offset the volatility of relying on undergraduate student numbers. They decided not to go ahead with plans for China.
The university is heading towards the 100th anniversary of its charter and as the current captain of the ship he wants to make sure it continues safely into the future.
Legacy The word that Sir David uses to describe his responsibilities is “stewardship”. Reading already has an outpost in South Africa and is planning to open a campus in Malaysia.

teletravail a domicileUse a map Transport for London says walking “may be an option” for shorter journeys. Boats will depart every 10 to 15 minutes 10. You might not be aware how close your destination actually is having never gone there except by Tube – apparently 30% of Londoners take longer routes than they need to because distances are misrepresented on the Tube map.

Not just compared with other UK universities but also international rivals. And the unpredictability is a problem for long-term planning. It’s often their first experience away from home.”
The funding of universities is increasingly dependent on attracting undergraduates and their tuition fees. We’ve got to look after them.
“I can’t imagine there’s a vice-chancellor in the land who isn’t thinking about it.”
Building boom It raises questions about how mainstream, provincial universities, with a tradition of doing a bit of everything, can make themselves distinctive.

Objects may be closer than they appear 11. Docklands Light Railway A normal service will operate but, as with the Overground, stations where there is an interchange with London Underground may be affected by the strike. More than half a billion journeys have been made on the the DLR since it opened in 1987.

I thought it was because I was in the process of switching banks as I have just opened a new account with Nationwide, but after seeing this news report I now know it is a fault with Lloyds Banking Group. Anthony, Cambridge
Elise Robinson from Bedford had to get someone else to pay for her petrol I tried using my debit card in the supermarket today and the transaction was declined twice.

nAmid the vast computerised orderliness of the Milton Keynes centre, the place where returns were dealt with stood out… not untidy, but random and problematic, and crying out for a scientific solution, which the experts must be working on even now. And returns can total as much as 30% or 40% of sales for some retailers, a very significant extra cost.

How will the strike affect your journey to work? What changes will you make to your commute?
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Many started up because they were confident they could keep staff costs to a minimum. Of 2,500 Scottish micro-businesses set up this year, 65% only employ one person.
“This survey shows that it’s easier for businesses to set up without worrying about having expensive staff costs that can drain resources and ultimately lead to a quick bankruptcy,” says Bill Little, European Director of Freelancer.co.uk.

So there are now sensors on the packing lines to work out how large the item being sent out is when it’s in the box. This enables the standard depth box immediately to be scored once each side and then folded down to snugly, individually, fit the purchase. nFor efficiency, cardboard boxes come in a very limited range of sizes. At Milton Keynes my eye was caught by a detail that illustrates the kind of thought that turns the transport of goods into the science of logistics.

The lady at the till had to try it twice. It was embarrassing as I did not bring any other card or cash with me. Elise Robinson, Bedford, England
Continue reading the main story “Start Quote I tried to pay for hundreds of pounds of furniture and my card was declined”
End Quote Richard Lawrence, Reading My partner and I went shopping in Tesco, excited about having nice food for dinner – but unfortunately when I went to pay my card was declined. The attendant had no idea either and just assumed I had insufficient funds.

A US university would have told everyone it cost twice as much and put it all over the website to show they were serious players. Sir David says universities have had to respond to “changing patterns of affluence and what young people expect”. nWhen earlier this year the university bought a unique Samuel Beckett manuscript to add to its archive there was some carping about the price tag of

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