RE: Doctor and Trip

 Now I know why I hate going to the doctor. They just totally complicate my life. Don’t they know I am desperate to get out of town, out of the state, hell, out of the planet!!Â
My appointment was at 1035am. New doctor, new clinic, everything new. But I was handling it. Even got a visit from the attending. And I actually liked this cute little resident, Dr.

VonGuru – yes, that is her name. I’m not sure if it is her first or last name but that’s what she gets from me because I can’t even begin to pronounce the other name. As I suspected would happen, she gave me a nebulizer treatment for my asthma.Â

So far nothing is being said about why they had me come in in the first place. She leaves the room and brings the attending in. Smart-a– that I am, I said, “Are we having visitors?”  I don’t think she knew how to take it but he had a good sense of humor and laughed, which put her at ease. And why should I care if she is at ease? I’M THE PATIENT!!Â
 No, seriously, I didn’t want her to look bad in front of the attending so…   I have to say that if that were my mother, she would be having a screaming hissy fit. She swore they were nothing but students and they weren’t going to work on her and blah blah blah. I tried reasoning with her but it didn’t fly.

So Dr. Attending/Faculty Teaching staff gave my lungs a cursory exam. In the process, he discovered my lipomas. So he felt around those things for a while and Dr. VonGuru said something about metastasis from my cancer. I knew that was not the case and so did Dr.
Attending. However, he did try to talk me into having an aspiration to which I said, “Uh-uh,  nope!” He just laughed. He was a jolly young man. That’s always appreciated in a doctor. Â
Finally, we get to the reason I was there in the first place. My blood work came up high in certain things, which required further testing for diabetes. This did not surprise me. Since I ate, they couldn’t draw more blood so I’ll have to go back next week to give the vampires more of my blood.Â

When I complained about my trip, both MD’s didn’t think it was a good time for me to go driving all over the country. They wouldn’t specify a time frame so I gave them a week.
That episode took about an hour and a half. She (VonGuru) wrote me a bunch of scripts for my asthma so I decided to cruise on down to the pharmacy to get them filled since I was in the immediate vicinity already. The remaining two and a half hours were spent at the pharmacy – waiting – and waiting – and waiting.

I have to say that as annoying as this pharmacy is for a variety of reasons, I love the people who come in. They are some of the most interesting I’ve seen in one place in a long time. And damn! I didn’t have a notebook with me!
I’m going to get something to eat now since it is 3pm and I haven’t eaten all day.
Later … Â Â

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