Monster And Beats Change Relationship From Cooperation to Competition

After Monster Cable and Beats Electronics ends partnership, headset fanciers wonder what will happen next.

It wasn’t so long ago that HTC has established partnership with Beats Electronics to give their cell phones beats studio a boost by using the Beats Audio technology. Now, Monster has Nokia. Newly leaked news reveals that Nokia gives away free Monster headphones with a Lumia purchase.
It’s no doubt that they are really team up for new headphones.

Nokia and Monster have launched two new headsets the Purity Headsets. Purity headphones come in two varieties: earbuds with flat cables and four, different-sized eartip options (officially called the “Nokia Purity Stereo Headset by Monster”), and big over-the-head headphones (the “Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster”) with rectangular pads and a stiff headband.
The headphones come in an array of colours – black, white, light blue, and magenta – to compliment Nokia’s two new Windows Phone 7 handsets – the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. In addition, the design is squarer, and thus somehow much more Euro, than Monster’s Beats headphones.

The two new headsets are fully compatible with the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 and come with Monsters ControlTalk beats studio Universal on-cable remote which acts as both a mic and also media controls for the phone. On top of that you get all the features you’d expect from Monster’s premium range of headphones: Tangle-free wires, removable cable (available for the on-ear) and also a Hard Shell Carry Case where you can store them.

What struck me about these headphones is how bright they sound, and how these headphones will draw a distinct line between Nokia’s vision of the musical world and HTC’s. ”

The Purity headphones pull human voices, the middle of the midrange, forwards, and cymbals and other high-end sounds were crisp and sharp. You won’t get pumped-up bass here; the bass in presumably bass-heavy tracks by Muse and Depeche Mode was surprisingly demure, having retreated a bit into the background to make room for melody. I can confidently say that Purity headphones right for all kinds of music-presumably as opposed to Beats, which were originally designed for rock and hip-hop.

However, HTC’s Beats headsets may win a round. According to the HTC spokesman, the HTC headphones are designed to work with specific Beats-enabled phones to offer the best possible sound equalization.
Who will win in the market competition, it is consumers who ultimately determine the results.

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