order metronidazolePatients with Crohn’S disease are known to have an increased incidence of gastrointestinal and certain extraintestinal cancers. There have been some reports in the medical literature of bre-ast and colon cancer in Crohn’S disease patients who have been treated with metronidazole at high doses for extended periods of time. A cause and effect relationship has not been established. Crohn’S disease is not an approved indication for Flagyl ER 750 mg tablets.
Metronidazole is also trichomonacidal and amebicidal in action and acts as a direct amebicide. Itsmechanism of action for its antiprotozoal activity is not understood. It has therapeutic activityagainst Entamoeba histolytica, Trichomonas, Giardia, and Balantidium coli. If you loved this informative article and you would want to receive more info relating to assure visit our own site. It acts primarilyagainst the trophozoite forms of Entamoeba rather than encysted forms.Uses, Indications Although there are no veterinary-approved metronidazole products, the drughas been used extensively in the treatment of Giardia in both dogs and cats. It is also used clinically in small animals for the treatment of other parasites (Trichomonas and Balantidium coli) aswell as treating both enteric and systemic anaerobic infections.
Complications of untreated or poorly controlled trichomoniasis can be serious and, in the case of ectopic pregnancy (Life-threatening pregnancy growing outside the uterus), life threatening. In particular, women with trichomoniasis have an increased susceptibility to HIV infection. You can help minimize your risk of serious complications by following the treatment plan you and your health care professional design specifically for you. Complications of trichomoniasis include.
If accidental ingestion of large quantities of the product occurs an appropriate method of gastric emptying may be used if considered desirable. There exist no specific antidote; symptomatic therapy can be applied. Cure can be provided in persons who ingested a dose of 12 g of metronidazole. Symptoms of metronidazole overdose are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, pruritus, metallic taste, ataxia, vertigo, paresthesias, convulsion, leukopenia, darkening of urine. Symptoms of miconazole nitrate overdose are nausea, vomiting, sore throat and mouth, anorexia, headache, diarrhea.
There are published data from case-control studies, cohort studies, and two meta-an-alyses that include more than 5000 pregnant women who used metronidazole systemically during pregnancy. Many studies included first trimester exposures. One study showed an increased risk of cleft lip, with or without cleft palate, in infants exposed to metronidazole in-utero; however, these findings were not confirmed. In addition, more than ten randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials enrolled more than 5000 pregnant women to assess the use of systemic antibiotic treatment (Including metronidazole) for bacterial vaginosis on the incidence of preterm delivery. Most studies did not show an increased risk for congenital anomalies or other adverse fetal outcomes following metronidazole exposure during pregnancy. Three studies conducted to assess the risk of infant cancer following systemic metronidazole exposure during pregnancy did not show an increased risk; however, the ability of these studies to detect such a signal was limited.

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