Day-to-day Politics and Sunday Politics highlights of 2014

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Here are some of the clips from our interviews hosted by Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn, with films from our reporting team.
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Monday 10 February Former MP Edwina Currie on food banks and benefits
Food banks debate: Edwina Currie and Marc Godwin
Redwood and Eagle on reaction to floods
Sunday 9 February Chuka Umunna: Labour tax plans and leadership elections

Lib Dem strategy – Get Gove!
Friday 7 February European week: Floods, EU corruption and Ukraine
European Space Agency: billions spent on high tech jobs
MEPs on eurozone integration and euro currency future
Teacher strike: NUT’s Christine Blower on Gove talks
Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election candidates
Scotland debate: Reaction to PM’s speech on the Union
Which TV show do Tory, Labour and Lib Dem voters prefer?

Thursday 6 February Flood defences spending: Cameron and Miliband claims
como fazer uma dieta para emagrecer Eric Pickles on government flood defence and protection
Science news and media reporting of medical reports
Lynne Featherstone on female genital mutilation in UK
Strikes debate: Dominic Raab and Jeremy Corbyn
Women in Parliament: Macleod and Thornberry
Wednesday 5 February Parliament needs cats to deal with rats and vermin
Prof Alice Roberts: Ban creationism in school science

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron, Miliband and women MPs
PMQs: Cameron on London Underground Tube strike action
PMQs: Speaker Bercow tells Michael Gove to write lines
PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on women on Tory front bench
PMQs Cameron and Miliband on flooding in England
Tuesday 4 February MPs on Westminster life: Charlotte Leslie and Meg Munn
Tory deselections: Paul Goodman and Anne McIntosh
Mujeeb Bhutto not a Conservative says Shapps

Alan Johnson on Labour leadership vote and union links
Monday 3 February Ofsted: Zenna Atkins on Michael Gove and Sally Morgan
Immigration facts and figures: People entering the UK
Immigration debate: Alp Mehmet and Diane Abbott MP
Europe debate: Loughton, Jungclaussen and Mehmet
Sunday 2 February Natalie Bennett gives Greens’ travel news
Somerset Levels flooding: ‘Government so slow to react’
Paul Kenny on unions’ future relations with Labour Party

Friday 31 January Political week: Floods, tax, immigration and Scotland
Louise Cooper on Austrian economist Friedrich HayekDaily Politics highlights of 2014
Dr Louise Irvine on National Health Action Party policy
National Health Action Party on Cameron NHS policies
Thursday 30 January Judge treated me like little girl says sex case witness
Search engines and what web users ask about MPs
Michael Dugher on Labour leadership election changes

Immigration debate: Hillier, Baron and Aker
Miners’ strike: Call for apologies – Dugher and Rosindell
Wednesday 29 January Syria: Call for UK military invention from Sunny Hundal
PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on UK helping Syrian refugees
PMQs: Speaker Bercow says lion must get back in its den
PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on 40p and 50p top tax rates
PMQs: Cameron and Nandy on miners’ strike apologies
PMQs: Cameron’s backing for Immigration Bill

PMQs review: Robinson and MPs on Cameron v Miliband
Grant Shapps answers Tory party chairman rumours
Tuesday 28 January Nuclear, wind and renewable debate: Bennett and Dorries
Arnie Graf – Labour MP Chris Leslie on Tory ‘mischief’
MPs keep in touch: Twitter, Facebook and reality TV
Lib Dems deputy leader contest to follow Simon Hughes
Royal debate: Conservative MP and Republic group
UK economy debate: Halligan, Anderson and Dorries

Monday 27 January Somerset floods: MP Ian Liddell-Grainger on dredging
Feminism: Two Ronnies, Ann Leslie and Everyday Sexism Project
50p tax rate: Business trust in Osborne and Balls
House prices and home building stats
Sunday 26 January Rennard and Hancock: Bad week for Clegg and Lib Dems
Where are the Lib Dem deputy leader candidates?
HS2 bosses salaries defended by transport secretary
Patrick McLoughlin on train, bus and motoring costs

Immigration Bill debate: Mills and Diane Abbott
Nigel Farage gives UKIP weather forecast
Friday 24 January EU Referendum Bill ‘badly drafted’ says Lord Foulkes
EU Referendum Bill may be lost in Lords says Browning
Gloria de Piero MP on feminist Mary Wollstonecraft
Political week: Rennard claims, UKIP weather, biscuits
Cartoon row: Deselection call for Lib Dem Maajid Nawaz
Economy debate: Sajid Javid and Chuka Umunna

Thursday 23 January Nigel Farage on 2010 and 2015 UKIP election manifestos
Sports to politics: Coe, Thompson and Campbell
Euro elections: Tory Olympic rower James Cracknell
Westminster pubs – centres of political press briefings
Maguire on pub where Blair told: UK not joining euro
Women working in financial markets: Farage and Cooper
Wednesday 22 January Green Belt protection needed says naturalist Ray Mears

Lord Rennard ‘is no Jimmy Savile’ says Chris Davies MEP
PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron and Miliband
PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on UK role in Syria
PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on UK employment figures
PMQs: Cameron and Kirby on Brighton weather forecast
PMQs: Cameron and Dodds on Northern Ireland Haass talks
Splash diving MP Penny Mordaunt on Tom Daley show
Tuesday 21 January Stephen Williams MP on saving pubs and community assets

David Blunkett on Russell Brand, voting and politics
US lessons on funding for UK theatre, museums and arts
Women MPs standing down in Conservative marginal seats
Rennard claims on Lib Dems: Linda Jack and Paddy Ashdown
Monday 20 January Rennard divide ‘could destroy party’ says Lord Greaves
Lord Rennard row: Sir Menzies Campbell on Lib Dem row
Brighton and Hove council tax referendum on social care
Noisy MPs: Speaker calls for better behaviour from MPs

UKIP’s Peter Reeve on suspended councillor David Silvester
Sunday 19 January Lib Dems: Glasgow voters on party policies and biscuits
Alexander ‘more than tough enough’ to take on Ed Balls
Danny Alexander: Lib Dem economic policies and Rennard
Sunday Politics debate: Spying in the UK
Friday 17 January EU regional funds: Cornwall, Transylvania and Sicily
European week: Maltese passports and Greek presidency

Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin on Bulgarians in UK
European freedom of movement rules: EU reaction to UK plan
MPs told to lose weight by surgeon and peer Ian McColl
Scottish independence: Blair Jenkins and Blair McDougall
Thursday 16 January MPs on EU laws and freedom of movement across Europe
UK military cuts and spending: Dannatt on Gates claims
Tories: Cameron bid to modernise Conservative Party
Public view on health spending and NHS priorities

Wednesday 15 January PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on housebuilding figures
PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on RBS bank bonuses
PMQs: Cameron on ‘huge amount of myths’ about fracking
PMQs: Cameron and Watson on UK links to Amritsar raid
PMQs: Benefit Street ‘in every constituency’ says MP
Queen on Robinson tablet computer interrupts TV debate
Ex-offenders and addicts for JP role – Policy Exchange
PMQs review: Robinson Flint and Vara on bank bonuses

Tuesday 14 January David Winnick on MPs and the good old days of politics
MP paintings and art: Blair, Ashdown, Abbott and Clarke
MP paintings and art debate: Mulln, Doran and Isaby
Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke to wear onesie for Commons vote
Monday 13 January Fallon: Fracking could make huge difference to economy
PPS: MPs and role of Parliamentary Private Secretary
UK supermarkets: prices, suppliers and horse meat

Ex-Tesco boss on changing supermarkets ad High Streets
Sunday 12 January Conservative MPs call for UK veto over EU laws
Chris Grayling on human rights and UK/European courts
Grayling reforms and HM Liverpool academy with working prisoners
Friday 10 January UK floods: Climate change or just weather to blame
Charlie Wolf explains Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged book
Political week: Floods, Mordaunt, Johnson and Osborne

Climate change and EU referendum debates on our FB site
Thursday 9 January Occupy London legacy for church and St Paul’s Cathedral
David Lammy MP on Mark Duggan ‘peaceful vigil’ plan
UK interest rate rise: Andrew Lilico and Nigel Mills
Maude denies Universal Credit rift with Duncan Smith
Maude on digital government and driving licences
Wednesday 8 January ‘Move House of Lords and Royal Opera House north’

PMQs: Paul Goggins tributes from Cameron and Miliband
PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on floods, storms and power
PMQs: Cameron on climate change and abnormal weather
PMQs: Cameron on Bletchley codebreaker Alan Turing
Scottish independence: Davidson on Cameron ‘Tory toff’
PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on fixed odds betting machines
PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron and Miliband exchanges
Tuesday 7 January Fixed odds betting machines: Tom Watson on regulations

Parliament for hire: weddings, meetings, afternoon teas
Nick Robinson: The Truth About immigration documentary
Immigration debate: Kennedy, Reckless and Aker
Lib Dem secret weapon for 2015 general election
Monday 6 January Legal aid budget cuts: Sarah Forshaw on lawyer protests
UKIP role in TV 2015 general election leader debates
Scottish independence: Teenagers’s views on referendum

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