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See that all children can and the U.S. United States together, this is the happiest thing when parents, only one thing is to let Li Zhenhua bit unhappy that there should be a family portrait photos, but because Susan the identity problem, but it is never finished, this time Li Zhenhua his mind, mulberry sale uk specialized and Susan talked about, to do a family portrait photo, Susan did not expect this one is happily agreed. 8384 novel network www.8384Xs.

So this time Susan went to England, and the heads of the Rothschild family together, say mulberry alexa bag things on the establishment of their own country, for many years the Jews are trying to fight to establish their own country, but many of the countries mulberry factory shop support can only be retained on the verbal, there is no real action, but now the Chinese Empire East is brought up, to help build their own country, which can not but mulberry factory shop pleased. For that matter, how many people wasted step, for this thing mulberry factory shop struggle a lifetime, and now the question was raised, but also for their specialized training several divisions of the army, which makes those people happy cried.

But Susan here mulberry factory shop also made some conditions, one will be served after the heads of state mulberry factory shop ‘s first country ; this one people naturally have no comments, who’s the most deserving. Who will be the law of the summit which is an iron. Third is the question after their marriage, the Jewish tribe shall not interfere. People think this is no way a thing, anyway mulberry factory shop will find a country of their own to help people marry, now just do not agree. mulberry factory shop If later as head of a country, mulberry factory shop mulberry factory shop anyone too busy, and now mulberry factory shop raised.

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