13 Blind Dating Tips For A Happy Blind Day

Ask her open-ended questions to stimulate discussion and to determine when there is a mutual interest between your both of you. Ask one another questions about likes and dislikes. Be a good listener from what she has to express and be helpful. Ask her about her interests, her job, where she’s visited, whatever it takes to keep the conversation flowing and do not get on the offensive or defensive aspect if you hear something you do not like. Yes or no questions is only going to produce uncomfortable silences and leave you frustrated. Don’t get defensive. When friends and family wish to fix you up, an average of their true motivation is to see you happy.
Blind days should not be in the pipeline around a hazardous task. Unless you were both in the U.S. Particular Forces, swimming with sharks, bungee jumping off a bridge, jumping out of airplanes, or alligator shopping are not recommended. Don’t feel pressured into doing something dangerous. I am aware a guy who took his blind date out in a little boat. The boat tipped over and she got soaked in a dirty pond. It was their first and last date My first blind date set up from the Dating Servce Washington DC was totally disappointing, but I’m planning to try it again for certain. read more

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