Total text: Obama’s healthcare program

“We suspect a lead to activated by a 3rd party,” he said.nYushchenko arrived at the clinic on Friday night and was to bear even more screening above the weekend.nIn anticipation of the announcement, Yushchenko’s US-born wife Kateryna advised reporters she was specified the doctors would affirm her lengthy-held perception that her spouse was poisoned.n”I know in my heart that he was poisoned and it will be medically set up right now,” she told reporters outside the house the clinic.nHealth improvingnYushchenko’s spouse explained this week in a US tv interview that the working day before he fell ill, she tasted poison on his lips when she kissed him, but he brushed off her issue. nYushchenko claims that after attempting to poison him, his enemies used mass fraud to consider to steal the 21 November run-off vote, in which Yanukovich, backed by outgoing President Leonid Kuchma and neighbour Russia, was declared the winner.

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