Building a Good Magic – The Gathering Deck

For a true enthusiast, there’s nothing just like the thrill of opening a new Magic: The Gathering booster pack. Thé smell of the cards, the sIick experience of mint-problem cards, the suspense of viewing what cards you obtain all could be a heady experience. But inevitably you realize that buying booster packs is a poor way to obtain the killer deck you’ve been recently dreaming of–or worse yet, been obtaining slaughtered by at tournaments.

go hereYour money are limited. There’s got to be a better way.

There’s. Let’s look at several.

Program Your Deck – This looks obvious, but it really helps. It can be an easy task to get distracted by all of the different cards which come out in the many editions and attempting to collect them all. Unless you’re a serious collector, don’t bother. Take time to learn which cards work well together and support your style of play. Sketch out a list of cards you have to complete the deck you would like to play

Once guess what happens cards you are searching for, there are many ways to find them.

Trading – Among the easiest ways to build your deck would be to find friends who additionally play the overall game. This works especially well if you each have deck ideas that don’t overlap. You might be able to trade a few of your less-needed cards for some of theirs that suit your plan.

Buying Bulk – Some card stores will give discounts when you buy boxes of booster packs or large orders. If you really, enjoy the “thrill of thé hunt” in opening lots and lots of packs and counting on luck, then by all means, go for it. I’ve done it before, and it can be almost better than Christmas! This can be especially effective if you want a lot of cards from a specific set and are just starting out collecting them. Still, you can purchase twice as many packs as you can find rare cards in an expansion and still not get a full set. And if it is a specific card you’re looking for it can ultimately be a real letdown.

Think it is on eBay – Online auctions can be a smart way to find individual cards to perform your deck. You need to be careful. Bidding wars could be addictive, and before you know it you’ve overpaid for the card. It’s not important to win at all cost. In fact sometimes you may get a bargain by being patient. Do your homework so you know how much the card will probably be worth, and don’t bid more than that. Also, take time to browse the seller’s feedback before yóu bid. Some may misrepresent their merchandise or worse. Also, make sure they aren’t selling their cards for cheap only to make it through to shipping and handling charges.

Find a Player Community – Some Magic player forums, such as for example MTG allow trades and sales on their site. Same guidelines apply as on eBay: research your options.

Buy From an Online Store – Connecting Magic players with the cards they need has become a big business. There are lots of online stores that will help you find the cards you need quickly. There are even websites like that can give you pricing histories for certain cards and a list of sellers and their prices.

There are two methods to approach shopping from internet vendors. The first is to get the lowest price it is possible to, and websites like can help with that. You need to be aware that for every purchase you make you can get to pay shipping and handling expenses. Buying individual cards from several places may ultimately set you back more than you save by shopping around. Still, if you just need one or two cards, especially rare ones, you can save money this way.

The other way is to find a single, reliable dealer you trust and purchase from them. This can push your shipping and handling expenses down significantly, even though your per-card costs aren’t always lower. It also can help you save a lot of time. Stores are often better on customer service than people if something is wrong together with your order.

Building your deck can be challenging, but it may also be as much fun as playing it if you know how to start it.

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